Accessories for Drinking Water Solutions

Our commercial drinking water accessories are designed to withstand the frequent and oftentimes harsh use of commercial applications.



Convert any drinking fountain into a water cooler with a remote water chiller. Elkay water chillers provide 10 degrees Celsius drinking water and meet federal and state low-lead requirements. In schools or offices, convert existing wall fountains into refrigerated water coolers by installing the compact chiller within, or behind building walls. In factories, save floor space and protect the water chiller from damage by installing the chiller overhead and out of the way.


Outdoor Accessories

Convert outdoor bottle filling stations to hands-free units with this easy-to-install foot activation pedal. On playgrounds, educational campuses and recreational areas where health and safety are top of mind, this accessory offers the option to fill reusable water bottles without using the standard push button. Order with a new unit or retrofit an existing one.