Outdoor Drinking Water

Outdoor Drinking Water

Durable, Fast and Convenient!

Elkay® outdoor bottle filling stations and drinking fountains offer attractive, long-lasting durability to withstand tough weather conditions. They are built for busy areas such as parks, pools, golf courses, and school and work campuses.

New Arrival: Outdoor Tubular Bottle Filling Station Foot Pedal Accessory

A Healthy, Hygienic Upgrade. 

Convert outdoor bottle filling stations to hands-free units with this easy-to-install foot activation pedal. On playgrounds, educational campuses and recreational areas where health and safety are top of mind, this accessory offers the option to fill reusable water bottles without using the standard push button. Order with a new unit or retrofit an existing one.

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Outdoor Tubular Bottle Filling Station Foot Pedal

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Outdoor Bottle Filling Station Infographic

Product Features:

  • VANDAL RESISTANT: Vandal-resistant bubblers feature chrome-plated integral hood guard to prevent contamination from other users, airborne deposits and tampering. 
  • SPASHLESS: Laminar flow provides clean fill with minimal splash. 
  • DESIGN: Heavy-gauge construction with tamper-resistant screws that resist stains and corrosion. 
  • DURABLE: Corrosion-resistant base material provides the ultimate protection from the elements.